Violin: Jimi Hendrix-All along the watchtower/purple haze

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Due to the huge amount of people asking me for sheet music, i have to say: I don’t have sheet music, sorry. Enjoy the video!

25 Responses to “Violin: Jimi Hendrix-All along the watchtower/purple haze”

  1. maneck900

    beautiful boy come and take my urge

  2. TetraHighdro

    i didnt think it were possible to cover this on violin, but hot damn you nailed it up and down. bravo!

  3. keyrock24

    Love it !!! I listen to this song over and over :)

  4. Termite30

    Great job man, and keep practicing :)

  5. carloslaran

    yeah it would be confusing. but in the classical violin repertoire there are several pieces that are confusing to read. Listen or take a look at the ysaye solo violin sonatas. they are the closest thing to hendrix on violin. at least in my opinion!!

  6. aiglesiasvera

    grandioso! era precisamente lo que buscaba! ojala sigas en esa onda, felicitaciones!

  7. AbsoluteZeroMusic

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  8. Chris201076

    The first bar had me laughing in astonishment. This is awesome.

  9. zioband

    great……YOU HAVE A NICE SITE WEB…..greetings from italy……CIAO

  10. SNOWY1144

    good u make some music and put it out that would be awesome

  11. Kiradoggie

    I love the awkward pause between songs!

  12. Exeliz

    This is incredibly cool! This made me want a Violin solo on a rock and roll recording..

  13. Penelopeguitar8

    marry me :) ?!

  14. rskurow

    Anybody that loves Jimi is ok with me! You got the feel kid, cut down on the vibrato, be a little more fluid and crash through the time signature, Jimi was a master of doing that. I think you are great. 

  15. stanstroke5

    it’s Jimi not Jimmy mother fucker

  16. MeekeyCee
  17. tomvband

    This is really good!

  18. hankwilliamsmusics
  19. ptownmotowndj

    Really excellent!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  20. jimmysexcellentmusic

    excellent playing mate your violin rocks!!

  21. garzaeduardo

    bet you get all the cool chicks…

  22. PstKojeck
  23. tdal007
  24. guitar19904
  25. darthcherry1

    lawl It sounds great!!!


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