River Flows In You: Violin and Piano

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Regarding “River Flows In You” by Yiruma… I had a request (thanks 0violin0):) to play a song called “Bella’s Lullaby” from Twilight. This was the music that first came up when I searched for Bella’s Lullaby, and I understand it’s not the official song from the soundtrack. My piano version of the ”official” Bella’s Lullaby (Carter Burwell) is here: www.youtube.com This is our first reading of River Flows In You. If I played this piece again, I would change the bowing for a smoother sound, and play a harmonic high E to correct the bad notes. Also, the ornamentation was intentionally left out, which I sometimes do when first learning a piece. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our interpretation of this beautiful composition. FAQ: Where can I get the Sheet Music? I’ve had some requests about where to find the violin sheet music. My brother and I are playing our duo version based on the piano sheet music. For the violin part, I just read the melody line from the piano sheet music and played improvised violin accompaniment whenever the piano played the melody. Here is the link for sheet music… cafe.naver.com Click on the ETC section at the left to find sheet music by Yiruma. Happy playing! And here is my piano rendition for Twilight 2: New Moon. www.youtube.com New Moon Flows In You
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25 Responses to “River Flows In You: Violin and Piano”

  1. 1000whitedusts

    ah. your music is alive.

  2. slashgnrvr92

    I wish this would last forever…… 3 minutes is not enough

  3. TONI51195Z

    I really wish I could play either the piano or the violin.. This rocks!

  4. 23emogurl

    Idk why… but this stuff makes me feel better. Something really bad just happened in my life, and listening 2 that kind of stuff makes me feel okay again.

  5. Pugsley146

    17 people are fucking mental. This is so beautiful….

  6. ErikaMegaRose

    ppl who dislikes they are deaf!!!!! and if ur not deaf then ur a bitch :D if ur not a bitch then ur just ugly!!!! if ur not ugly then ur pretty……………UGLY BITCH PEACE OUT :D

  7. RoZekria

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I had chills going down my spine! Absolutely brilliant!!

  8. blueguitarr

    Awesome version, really i enjoy it a lot, it was so beauty The best version that i have hear, congratulations really awesome!!!

  9. 555FluffyBunny

    So beautiful I love that song it was payed at my granmothers funeral oh and what kind of violin is that

  10. sunshineyang4

    I like the bannana tree in the background! I have one and it had bannanas 2 years now! Loove the song! It took me forever to learn this song! I like the violin with it!

  11. HokuPablo

    sin palabras! me pusieron la piel chinita!!! hermoso!!!!

  12. Ir0nman86

    you can find piano sheet music @ sheetsearch . com

  13. galaxylam84

    Very Beautiful! thank you for sharing your talent with us, it is a gift from heaven. Keep the good work.

  14. JJayCael

    those 17 people who didn’t like this video must be tone deaf! :) that was very well played guys.

  15. dickie804

    your sheet music is different that what i have, which one are you using? i like it

  16. The4bows
  17. JeDeCOb88

    excellent OMG the best version!!!!

  18. bluehellfire1

    17 people are hopeless dickless homos!!!!!!

  19. EmilyMarieAS

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I l-o-v-e it!!!!!!! :)

  20. FalleNarufox

    Wow Amazing! Can you post the notes for the “improvised violin and piano accompaniment parts” for this piece?

  21. KissedByanAngel101

    @XDGameFreak Actually if you look at it closely it is a laptop.

  22. XDGameFreak

    @silvercash60 That’s not a Ipad. There wasn’t a Ipad in 2008. It’s a tablet or something.

  23. hyuuga3377

    absolute epicness

  24. Cla1150

    Can i have Sheet music of this song.

  25. GothGirlRaven13

    do you have the violin sheet music?


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