Final Fantasy XIII Battle Theme Violin Cover

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I don’t have sheet music I play by ear.

25 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII Battle Theme Violin Cover”

  1. Normansmight
  2. MrCrumble2008

    helllllllooooo young lady;) beautiful and talented:) and apparently u like FFXIII lol

  3. davidxleo

    Whoa… this was uploaded before the game got release? O_O

  4. jax9715

    Your an amazing violin player!!and ur really pretty!

  5. Roguesaxophone57

    0:29 to the end was the best part

  6. gbritaney

    @cidien If you look at my newer videos I up’d the quality. My older videos I didn’t have the editing software to record my violin separately. Now I can Incorporate the mp3 into my videos and record the violin on it’s own. My older videos you will only find this quality.

  7. cidien

    You’re quite talented. I’d like your vids a lot more if you’d quit using the songs in the background. It completely ruins most of your videos. I generally like to put good music I find on youtube on my ipod, but the background music just sounds so bad.

  8. KenAttempt

    i was introduced into games like zelda and FF because my mom played them like FF 1 and 2 my favorite is FF6 or 3 for snes

  9. KenAttempt

    shes incredible i never ran into much females who love video games or have music talents but the ones that i have are all creepy/weird:(

  10. GreatGabite

    i play by ear too :) but i play the clarinet

  11. TailsPrower007

    @valypaly3 Viola has a slightly lower range than the violin, but the technique is more or less the same. :)

  12. FuryLobo
  13. SibyNied

    @kobra678 it’s the battle theme of Final Fantasy XIII, ‘Blinded by Light’

  14. kobra678

    whats this song called?

  15. nonstophero0079

    You are a beast lol

  16. gorkygd

    im in love with you. Seriously…

  17. sabatondriftclub

    dam girl u fucking awsome at that keep it up

  18. KidPanda1000

    Heard the first 5 seconds & saw the comment saying that you played it by ear. I automactliy put it as one of my favorites. o.o

  19. yanescruz

    You are awesome, well played!!!

  20. PintheDog

    @bladeskinsuicide I’m black, too, and I’ve played every game from FF4 and beyond.

  21. bladeskinsuicide

    @PintheDog Maybe you should get out more. Seriously. I am a black male and I’ve been playing FF7

  22. rioshu

    @PintheDog *Raises hand; few others from high school raise as well*

  23. JadeBage

    Omg, that was great! 8D

  24. ConnorDarkrule77

    Very nice cover. Love the Violin in this theme. good job.

  25. Hyuugaboii46

    @PintheDog yeah, thats what i ment, i’ve never met a black female interested in FF.. making ur statement true..


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