Ezio’s Family (Assassin’s Creed Theme) Piano/Violin Cover

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Whew – long title. In honour of the release of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, I decided to record this piece – Ezio’s Family by Jesper Kyd which I subconsciously started playing while practising piano and then turned it into the whole thing. Sorry a bit’s cut off at the front and sorry also that the piano video is desynchronised (haha funny joke eh….not!) It was mostly just put there to give you something to look at – my hands….aren’t they just wonderful? But I didn’t record it right so it’s a few beats out. And it jumps massively in the middle – another thing to be sorry about. What a crappy recording I say. Urrrm – if by some strange incident you want sheet music, you’re out of luck because I did this whole piece by ear so didn’t use sheet music and am NOT making any. Anyhoo, enjoy! =)

25 Responses to “Ezio’s Family (Assassin’s Creed Theme) Piano/Violin Cover”

  1. Cyndane

    The two people that disliked this were Cesare Borgia and his fat-ass pope of a father.

  2. orangegreendaysuite

    I realize this is a year old comment but I just had to reply. To be honest, the 2012 and Minerva crap is one of the big reasons why I play the games. I find it quite intriguing. Do you have a source on the angel thing? Because now I’m curious.

  3. Xtobalable

    2 dislikers are Templars

  4. TheAwesomeGamers123

    i love the a c series ac 1 ac 2 acb acr and whats coming out ac 3 so ya :)

  5. LeGiiTCuLTuRE

    Fuck you…Templar 

  6. Karkat Vantas

    damn templar shut the fuck up

  7. TheAwesomeGamers123

    Still debating whether or not it is justifiable to reply to this comment…oh whoops. Looks like I did anyway

  8. gh3legohero

    dude, halo is alright but shut the fuck up

  9. uNANOtube

    i went on Google and put in the recorder search while this song was playing in the background and what got typed in was “BAD ASS” true story :O

  10. Galdure

    the person who didn’t like this is: deaf or likes justin bieber or don’t know how to appreciate a true MASTERPIECE

  11. iloveanimal13

    Why would anyone dislike this? D:

  12. Brandon Voravongsa
  13. Flamenizzle

    clearly sounds like an organ or a keyboard on violin setting to me

  14. MrPeoplesman1234

    Lol, Violin is in background dude.

  15. Ecktoblade292

    hey is there any way i can get the sheet music but for viola? thanks

  16. ReinaDCD

    That one person who disliked this video is a Templar. ^^

  17. VictorBCred

    Violin tabs plz? =S

  18. xXl33tsauceXx

    If you, by chance, wrote down or wouldn’t mind writing down the violin sheet music for me, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t find anything.

  19. maximus2hell

    only one works for Abstergo

  20. darthanakin3334

    can i get the notes i play the violin and a little of piano

  21. TheAwesomeGamers123
  22. RedHairMaster

    hahahahaha i agree XD NOT !!!!!
    Fuck you….
    U mad bro :P

  23. Flamenizzle

    is this keyboard violin or something?….

  24. jjg1032

    I’m a beginner violin player and I don’t know how to read the notes.But if you can just show me where to put my fingers at or some kind of picture to tell me what to do since I love this sound track.I’d be real greatful for this :D

  25. irurwurst

    I know this was a long time ago, but the reason they don’t keep the story set in stone and try to stick exactly to the littlest details of history is so they can create their OWN story, in a somewhat authentic setting. It’s a fictional story, and it always had a basic outline of where it was going to go. The specifics are being created naturally. And that’s how all great stories are made.


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