Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) on Violin

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:) There are many many Beatles fans out there. I enjoy most of their songs myself and this is one of my favorites. After four weeks I decide to actually upload something, rofl. I’m happy that this is the video that I come back with. Also, I hit 1000 subs recently, so thanks for that! I’ll make an annoying video thanking everyone later! hahaha. Sheet music? Pshhhhhh. Done by ear, son. =) Thanks for all your comments guys, John

25 Responses to “Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) on Violin”

  1. Breefun

    i am 6th grade and i can play and it so easy

  2. montesbrosefs
  3. KylerwMc

    You are brilliant.

  4. androids90

    Darren Fletcher can play violin! Awesome cover.

  5. lokita275

    yo me caso contigo :3

  6. 009380

    bravo!! bravo!! :´D

  7. keithosmarferrer

    1:40-Hitchcock’s psycho!!!

  8. iramsisho1991

    my respects for you!!

  9. oaasful
  10. Alessialacrimefacili
  11. BigTimeRushWorshiper

    We’re playing this in strings class for our concert.

  12. AlehSt

    I loved it ♥

  13. MegaXbox2
  14. LermanLover123
  15. missbethyboo888
  16. ricktammy1

    that was very good loved it I just got a violin I play the piano and play by ear your very good love the song and a great job you did playing it WOW…………

  17. ChristinaPerriForevr

    You are really good!!!!!!!!

  18. ChildhoodIssues

    I think I just fell in love with you

  19. TheLordkouga
  20. Imanilove2

    Were doing this at school

  21. RobertY0014
  22. TheKuka1997

    and do you have the music sheets?

  23. TheLena121

    Elanor Rigby is my favourite song by The Beatles (and I’ve pretty much heard them all. My dad is obsessed with them haha) solely because of the violin, which is my favourite instrument. You made me remember my love for this song, so thank you :)

  24. tomoyo3m

    wow not bad guy congratulatios :33

  25. MrGodlyBacon

    Wow I’m learning this on my violin….I like the sound of you violin too what type is it?


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