Avengers Theme ~ (violin)

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Download MP3 : www.mediafire.com Tumblr!! : violinistbaka.tumblr.com Twitter : www.twitter.com I’m pretty late to the party, but the movie was too awesome and the theme too memorable for me to not also do a cover of this *__* I think this is like the latest real “superhero theme” that instantly brings the characters to mind when you listen to it. :D Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) is in just a couple of daaaayyysss! I’ll be there playing violin wherever I can… If you see me say hi :D SHEET MUSIC : photobucket.com Music : Alan Silvestri Violin/Transcription : ViolinistBAKA ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Thank you, music school, and your hours and hours of painful solfege and harmonic dictation. Without you I wouldn’t be able to pick out all the notes in this. XD Money is scarce, care to donate? :O ] tinyurl.com ^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^^*^
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24 Responses to “Avengers Theme ~ (violin)”

  1. EpicMangoBird

    That was EPIC you should play Time’s Scar from Chrono Cross next it would be awesome!!!

  2. nras6

    I love you. It’s decided that you are the coolest person on Earth. I just found your channel, and you are awesome!!! :D Achievement Unlocked: New Idol X3

  3. andersonh8s221b

    No. You’re not allowed to be an amazing musician and really pretty at the same time. It’s not fair on the rest of us.

  4. TheFallenCastiel

    psst! hey, over here! *whispers* let me tell you a secret: that’s actually just one person!

  5. SRodriguez28

    Violin Level: Asian

  6. xRisingfirex

    Since when did you start playing the violin?

  7. ironman76496

    Amazing. At the beginning I was confused, but then I remembered this was from the beginning of the move and I was like DUH

  8. joeybadassBmusicdude

    And that…was beautiful

  9. joeybadassBmusicdude

    Anyone else notice that anyone who thinks these are four different people are wrong? Lol its the same girl. Look closely at the knuckles and facial features. Same.

  10. bvcx8765432

    who else thinks the top left guy looks like loki

  11. ElFrijoleroMang

    great cover! The slow start made it hard to recognize and get into but it was still awesome!

  12. ruby117able

    OMG NO WAY!!! Yeah…..good cos-playing on you!! But wait….the hands look different….and…i’m gonna go watch it again. U must be pulling my leg lol?!?

  13. ViolinistBAKA

    haha XD…. That’s a compliment to the cosplay-ish-ing then, I suppose. All four of those are me. ^^

  14. ruby117able

    Hi ViolinistBAKA, I really enjoyed that performance! But wait a minute….please tell me, is that four different musicians playing in the video is it all you? I thought it was 4 violinists but since you like cosplay i’m now confused as to it its all just YOU! I feel like my brain is playing tricks on me now 0_0

  15. Silver7195

    Cosplay violin rocks.

  16. EmperorMAD

    Cool. I’ve never been to Anime Expo (Not really an anime fan. Much more into Tokusatsu stuff.) so maybe I will go this year to see you play.

  17. ViolinistBAKA
  18. ManiacLauzii

    Did you try to make yourself look like Loki, Natasha, Coulson and Bruce? XD

  19. 4myskyisred

    Honestly though, you are one of the people who I wish I could be: a fangirl AND talented. I salute you.

  20. Alejandra Moreno
  21. Feel J Akir
  22. ViolinistBAKA

    Many people do, but I generally find it pretty amusing… It means the cosplay-ish outfits are somewhat convincing. :D

    I did perform a few places onstage at AX ^_^… Most of the year I’m in the East coast, but in the summer I always make it out to AX. Thank you and thank you~

  23. EmperorMAD

    lol does EVERYONE think you’re a guy? I hate to say it but I thought the same thing too at first because you dress as guys in all your videos.
    Also did you perform on stage at Anime Expo or were you at someone’s booth or something? Do you live in the L.A. area? I do. If you play live again I really want to see you live. By Odin’s beard! You rock!

  24. Terris00

    Wow! Very impressive!


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